The Stiletto


This website was created for a university subject on jQuery. The brief was to create a website for desktop that incorporated 5 different jQuery interactions for the user. From this brief we could select any topic of our choice and be as creative as we liked in design.


I chose to do a website on the history of the stiletto high heel as every woman loves stilettos. The home page features a slider showcasing a variety of stilettos. I also created a timeline to show the history of the stiletto with images and information of how the style has changed over the years. On the ‘Styles’ page I feature 3 stilettos that on hover the point of view changes. If the user clicks on the one of the shoes they are taken to another page that allows them to see the same shoe in a variety of colours. I chose to do the slider and last 2 techniques as these are common jQuery features used in many e-commerce websites.


Date: September/2013

Client: Curtin University Assessment

Location: Perth, Australia

Website: The Stiletto